Board Members



Birthplace and Date of Birth : Diyarbakır, 1949

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Membership Approval: 2002

Graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Gazi University in 1971, Mr. Ekinci has been playing role as co-partner and executive at the companies within Ekinciler Inc. and Limak Inc. He was the President of Diyarbakır Chamber of Trade and Commerce and still continues his duties at various companies owned by him as President of Executive Board. During his career over 30 years, Mr. Ekinci actively participated in social duties at associations such as Diyarbakır Culture and Promotion Foundation and Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey. Mr. Yasin Kadri Ekinci was also in duty as the President of TJK between 2007-2009 and as Member of Board of High Stewards between 2011-2015.


H. TURGUT ALAKUŞ, General Secretary

Birthplace and Date of Birth : Uşak, 1952

Profession: Lawyer

Membership Approval: 2012

H. Turgut Alakuş was born in Uşak, in 1952. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law and has been working as a freelance lawyer for the last 30 years. Mr. Alakuş has also been dealing with Racing & Breeding sector for 25 years.


M. ERCAN EMRE, Treasurer Member

Birthplace and Date of Birth : Uşak, 1952

Profession: Farmer

Membership Approval: 1990

Mr. Ercan Emre, dropped out of the Law Faculty of Istanbul University on his 3rd year due to his father’s death and started dealing with horses in 1976. He continues his breeding activities at his stud farm built in 1990 in İzmit Akmeşe. Mr. Emre functioned as a member of Board of High Stewards between 1999 – 2001, TJK Executive Board Member in various periods and currently is the Treasurer Board Member. He is married and has 2 children.


SADETTİN ATIĞ, Executive Board Member

Birthplace and Date of Birth : İstanbul, 1955

Profession: Import / Export

Membership Approval: 1984

Mr. Saadettin Atig, who is the son of Mr. Sadun Atig - one of the former TJK presidents, went to England to study for a master’s degree and then finished Agricultural Zoology at University of Leeds, following his graduation from Isik High School. After he had come back to Turkey, Mr. Atig occupied with agriculture, horse racing, breeding and riding. He worked as Technical Counselor at Board of High Stewards for a while as well as serving as Board Member and General Secretary of Jockey Club of Turkey. Mr. Atig speaks fluent English and Russian.

CAN POLAT EYİGÜN, Executive Board Member

Birthplace and Date of Birth : Eskişehir, 1960

Profession: Professor MD

Membership Approval: 2005

Graduated from Gülhane Military Medical Academy in 1984 became Professor of İnfectious Diseases And Clinical Microbiology. He retired in 2014 and still works at a Foundation University as Lecturer. Mr. Eyigun has been a breeder since 1998.

EKREM BEŞERLER, Executive Board Member

Birthplace and Date of Birth : İzmir, 1946

Profession: Tradesman

Membership Approval: 2014

Mr. Ekrem Beşerler has been dealing with agricultural industry sector on his own landed properties since 1964 and breeding race horses since 1988 in his own farm. Mr. Beşerler served as Director of Young Athletes at the Executive Board of Göztepe Football Sports Club. Started to be involved with Politics in 1983. He worked as Mayor of Izmir Kemalpaşa Ulucak between the years of 1989 – 1994.

ŞÜKRÜ ERDEM, Executive Board Member

Birthplace and Date of Birth : Bursa, 1959

Profession: Pharmacist

Membership Approval: 2006

Following his graduation from Faculty of Pharmacy from Anadolu University, dealed with construction business and continued his occupation as a pharmacist for a while at his own pharmacy. Mr. Şükrü Erdem worked as President of Executive Board at various social foundations and served as Executive Board President of Mustafakemalpaşa Sports Club. Mr. Erdem was the Minister of Sports Affairs of the 50th Government of Turkish Republic, between 1993 – 1995. He received Olympic Movement Unity Award in 1995.Mr. Erdem speaks fluent English.