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İstanbul Veliefendi Racecourse

Istanbul Veliefendi Racecourse is established on 596.000 square meters land. It has one 2020 meters long , 27-36 meters wide turf, and one 1870 m long, 17.5-19 m. wide synthetic ( Polytrack) tracks. At the inmost of the tracks, It has also a sand training track 1720 m in length and 14-16 m in width.

Inside the racecourse area there are Club and associations locals, administrative buildings, racehorse hospital, apprentice training center, gift shop, museum and exhibition place, two Grand stands and a giant led - screen of 102m2, a picnic area with 110 tables, 1 play garden, various cafeterias and a car park.

İstanbul Veliefendi Hipodromu İstanbul Veliefendi Hipodromu İstanbul Veliefendi Hipodromu İstanbul Veliefendi Hipodromu
Racecourse Manager:

PBX: (+90 212) 444 0 855
Fax: (+90 212) 414 69 40

Veliefendi Hipodromu Ekrem Kurt Bulvarı Bakırköy/İstanbul

Adana Yeşiloba Racecourse

Adana Yeşiloba Racecourse is located on Adana ñ Mersin intercity highway and is 12 km far from the city center. It is established on 666.000 square meters area in Ye˛iloba district.

The races which started in 1962 near the airport, moved its todayís location in a short time. Inside the racecourse there is a fibre sand track of 1800 meters long and 25 meters wide, later in 1996 the new turf track of 1600 meters long is constructed and is put into service in 1998 spring. A training track of 1400 meters long and 15 meters wide is put into service in 2000 autumn. There are totally 3 tracks.

Adana Yeşiloba Hipodromu Adana Yeşiloba Hipodromu Adana Yeşiloba Hipodromu Adana Yeşiloba Hipodromu

With the 3 floored modern grandstand building of 3000 people capacity which is completed in January 1999 there are 2 grandstand buildings, 1 honour grandstand, 5 restaurants (one of them is inside a garden, others are in the pensions area, the rest is in the grandstand buildings), various buffets, one children park, one haflinger paddock, sitting places inside the gren areas that exceeds 10.000 square meters. The racing fans and people from public have the opportunity of spending time enjoyable, resting and entertaining.

  • There are 5 pony stables and 4 ponies.
  • There are oat store and farrier building inside the racecourse.
  • There are 1260 boxes stables and a modern racehorse hospital with an operating room in the pensions area. Also inside this area there is a mosque, 3 convenience stores, a barber, harness maker and restaurants fort he service of the grooms.
  • There are 2 pools for watering the tracks, 1 water store of 600 tons, 3 water wells. There are two 250 KVA, two 400 KVA an done 630 KVA totally six transformers, also there are generators of 208 KVA, 425 KVA and 50 KVA and there are two 20 KVA an done 10 KVA continuous power supply units which support the ordinary power.
Deputy Racecourse Manager:
Feyyaz Bora GÜRALP

PBX: (+90 322) 444 0 855/(+90 322) 428 40 91 - 94
Fax: (+90 322) 428 40 25

Adana Hipodrom Müdürlüğü Yeşiloba/ADANA

Ankara 75. Yıl Racecourse

Ankara 75. Yıl Racecourse is introduced into service in 1998. It is established on 1.383.282 square meters area. It is composed of a grandstand building which has a ground floor and 4 floors. There are 8 escalators, 6 lifts, numbered loges, viewer terraces, presidential loge and a loge of diplomatic corps inside the grandstand building. It has a capacity of totally 8700 people including 6400 standing and 2300 sitting.

At the ground floor; there are play halls, general play hall, Jockey rest room and changing room, sauna , shower etc...

Ankara 75. Yıl Hipodromu Ankara 75. Yıl Hipodromu Ankara 75. Yıl Hipodromu Ankara 75. Yıl Hipodromu

On the 1st floor; there are the protocol lounge, general play hall, play hall for members, viewer terraces, country cafe.

On the 2nd floor; there are computerized system section, general play hall, members hall, patisserie, cafeteria, kitchen, terrace and terrace for protocol.

On the 3rd floor; there are Presidential loge and loge for diplomatic corps, protocol hall, security, general play hall, and horse owners lounge.

On the 4th floor; there are Lounge of commissaries board, press room, numbered loges, restaurant, coaches hall, and TV studio.

It has a turf track of 2200 meters long and 30 meters wide, a fibre sand track of 2055.49 meters long and 20 meters wide. The new training track which is constructed on the amnulance way is 1900 meters long and 15 meters wide.

A huge LCD screen which is 12ters wide and 8.5 meters high and 102 square meters in area is put into service for the racing fans to see the races from a different point of view in 2006.

The children of the race fans and the children coming from outside can ride on the 4 ponies available inside the racecourse and they have the opportunity to spend time in the picnic areas.

Racecourse Manager:

PBX: (+90 312) 444 0 855 / (+90 312) 249 50 50 - 58
Fax: (+90 312) 249 50 26

75. Yıl Ankara Hipodromu İstanbul Yolu 18. KM ANKARA

Bursa Osmangazi Racecourse

Bursa Osmangazi Racecourse is established on 762.617 square meters area. The first races were done in 1984 October for 2 race days. With the help of racing fansí interest the racing excitement in Bursa Osmangazi Racecourse continues by increasing.

Hipodrom arazisi içerisinde;
İdari bina ve 2690 kişilik seyirci kapasitesine sahip Tribün, jokey odası, eyerleme, doping mahalli, yarış öncesi kan alma ünitesi, 3 adet kamera kulesi, içerisinde, pony clup ve çocuk parkı bulunan piknik alanı, 1242 baş yarış atını barındırabilecek çift katlı ve eküri ahırları, pansiyonlar şefliği, at hastanesi, nalbanthane, at arpalama havuzu, yem deposu, 5 adet gezinti padoğu, 2 adet lonj, atölyeler, trafolar ve su depoları, çeşitli büfe ve sosyal tesisler ile otopark alanları yer almaktadır.

Inside the racecourse area there is an administrative building, a grandstand with 2690 people capacity, jockeys room, saddling place, doping control area, pre-race blood sample taking place, 3 camera towers, pony stables, 2 picnic areas with children park, 2 floored stables and stablemate stables with a capacity of 1242 horses, pensions offices, horse hospital, farrier building, horse health pool, feed store, 5 excursion paddocks, workshops, transformers, water stores, various buffets and social facilities, car park.

There are 1860 meters long and 21-22-23 meters wide turf track, 1683 meters long, 20.5 meters wide fibre sand track and 980 meters long and 15 meters wide training tracks inside the racecourse.

Bursa Osmangazi Hipodromu Bursa Osmangazi Hipodromu Bursa Osmangazi Hipodromu Bursa Osmangazi Hipodromu
Racecourse Manager:

PBX: 444 0 855 / 0 (224) 808 41 00
Faks: (0 224) 808 41 50

Altınşehir Mah. Bülent Ecevit Cad. No: 9/4 16120 Nilüfer / Bursa

Diyarbakır Racecourse

The 8th Racecourse of Turkey, ìThe Diyarbakir Racecourse is located in an area of about 150 hectares, has a dirt track of 1600 metres long and 20 metres wide. The crowd capacity is 1350, and the facility includes a horse hospital, paddock, saddling area, doping control center, horse ramp, administrative buliding, cafe, blacksmith, and 120 box stalls consisting of 5 blocks. Inside Diyarbakir Racecourse there is 5000 m2 landscaped turf area.

Diyarbakır Hipodromu Diyarbakır Hipodromu
Racecourse Deputy Manager:
Yılmaz ÇELİK

PBX: (+90412) 254 30 29
Fax: (+90412) 254 30 30

T.J.K Derneği At Yetiştiriciliği ve Yarışları İktisadi İşletmesi Diyarbakır Hipodromu Mardin Yolu 22.km Beşpınar Köyü Mevkii Çınar/DİYARBAKIR

Elazığ Racecourse

Elazığ Racecourse which is situated within the borders of Yurtbaşı area related to Elazığ city center, is established on 503.050 m2 and is the only racecourse in Turkey located near a lakeside.

Elazığ Hipodromu

The racecourse which was was given to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs by the Treasury on 2 May 1979 for 49 years, was given to the Jockey Club of Turkey with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on 21 April 1998.

The racecourse which was was given to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs by the Treasury on 2 May 1979 for 49 years, was given to the Jockey Club of Turkey with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on 21 April 1998.

The official opening of the racecourse was on 21 June 2002 and the first official races were held on 7 October 2002.

In addition to the 4 floored grandstand building with a capacity of 2500 people, Elazığ Racecourse has an Jockey building, doping control building, a saddling area of 24 boxes and a racehorse hospital.

There is a 1550 meters long and 20 meters wide dirt track in the racecourse in which 1000m, 1100m, 1200m, 1500m, 1600m, 1700m, 1800m, 1900m, 2000m, 2400m races are run with a capacity of 18 starters on all distances.

Elazığ Hipodromu Elazığ Hipodromu Elazığ Hipodromu
Racecourse Manager:
Özgür KAYA

PBX: (+90 424) 444 0 855 / (+90 424) 251 23 40 PBX
Fax: (+90 424) 251 34 05

Elazığ Hipodrom Müdürlüğü 23 190 Yurtbaşı / ELAZIĞ

İzmir Şirinyer Racecourse

İzmir Şirinyer Racecourse is inside the borders of İzmir's Buca district. It is 15 kilometers away from Adnan Menderes Airport and it has borders to İzmir ñ Aydın Railway from the west side. The racecourse is established on 323.674 square meters. Inside 155.440 square meters area there are 1281 boxes, a horse hospital, car park with a capacity of 100 cars, walking paddocks, totally it has 479.114 square meters area.

İzmir Şirinyer Hipodromu

Inside the racecourse area there is a fibre sand track of 1756 meters long, turf track of 1572 meters long, fibre sand training track of 1345 meters long, 2 grandstand buildings, 2 restaurants, 2 garden restaurants, 1 country coffee, saddling place, 1 feed store, 4 walking paddocks, jockeysí room, doping control area, managership building, garage and workshops, a car park with a capacity of 1000 cars, children playing area, 3 watering pools with a capacity of 1100 tons.

İzmir Şirinyer Hipodromu
Racecourse Manager:

PBX:+90 232 493 5 300
0 212 414 6 565 (registration system race results)
Fax:(+90 232) 426 90 62

Şirinyer Hipodromu Şirinyer/İZMİR

Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse

The Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse which had been opened for serving as a Training Centre on April 1, 2006, has opened for services with the races held on December 17, 2013, with additional buildings and renewed fibre sand track.

The Kartepe Racecourse which is now available for operating as the 9th racecourse in Turkey is built on a land of 432 decares. The races in the Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse will take place on a fibre sand track of 1600 metres long, and 20 metres wide. The fibre sand track consists of silicon (Si) sand, stabilizer, and fibre. The races in the Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse will be held counter clockwise as the Bursa Osmangazi and İzmir Şirinyer Racecourses. There are 478 stable boxes in Kocaeli Kartepe Racecourse.

Kartepe Hipodromu Kartepe Hipodromu Kartepe Hipodromu Kartepe Hipodromu Kartepe Hipodromu
Racecourse Manager:
Ali Cumhur Özertaş

PHX: +90 262 444 0 855 / (+90 262) 373 22 53 /
+90 262 373 40 21

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Asiller Caddesi No:32 Kartepe/KOCAELİ

Şanlıurfa Racecourse

Şanlıurfa racecourse is established on 788.500 square meters area. It is 18 km far from the city center and is on Mardin Highway and it has a neighboring to Harran University. The grandstand has a capacity of 800 people, the dirt track is 1700 meters long and 20 meters wide.

The racecourse has 444 boxes stables. The water supply comes from 3 drilling wells, the electric supply comes from 4 transformers. There is a grass area of 70000 square meters, there are 3.000 nut trees, 30.000 different types of trees and the landscape operations are still going on.

Şanlıurfa Hipodromu Şanlıurfa Hipodromu Şanlıurfa Hipodromu

The racecourse is composed of a grandstand building, public lounge, buffet, betting counters, governing body, registry Office, jockeys room, dining room, stewards Office, honor lounge, horse owners room, TV room, photo finish room..

The entrance fees are as follows:

Women: 50 KR
Men: 1 TL

Racecourse Manager:

PBX:(+90 414) 444 0 855 / (+90 414) 344 00 74 - 77
Fax:(+90 414) 344 00 19

Şanlıurfa Hipodrom Müdürlügü / ŞANLIURFA

Antalya Racecourse

Antalya Racecourse, the 10th racecourse of Turkey, was opened on 19 January 2022.

The racecourse is located on a 810.762 sqm area and has a stabling capacity for 1140 horses. It has a polytrack for racing (1980 meters with 20 meters width) and dirt track for training (20 meters width). The races are held clockwise.

The racecourse has 124 m² LED screen, 168 m² sliding screen, seating capacity for 1400 people at the grandstand and parking capacity for 742 vehicles. The evening races started on 09 February 2022, after the completion of lighting system

Racecourse Manager:
Murat İşçen

PBX:(+90 242) 250 28 80
TJK Antalya Hipodrom Müdürlüğü Yağca Mah. Atatürk Cad. No:941 Döşemealtı/ANTALYA