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Birth: 1 February 1964, Adana

Occupation: Businessman/Contractor

Membership Approval: 2007

Serdal Adali was born in 1964, in Adana. After his graduation from high school in Adana, Mr. Adali moved to USA in order to study at the university. However he had to return Turkey after 2 years, due to his father’s health issues. He started business in 1984 and founded Serka Group, which operates internationally in construction, service, logistics, catering and energy sectors, with his brother Hünkar Adali His interest in horses started at early ages by taking care of his father Hasan Adali’s horses. Today, he maintains his breeding activities with mares some of which are imported abroad and having different blood lines in 3 different farms located in Adana, Konya Ereğli and Adapazarı Hendek. Mr. Adali was elected as the President of the Jockey Club of Turkey for 3rd time on 25 February 2018. His former terms as President were in between 2012 – 2013 and 2013 – 2015. Mr. Adali is married and has 2 sons.

AHMET ÖZBELGE, General Secretary

Birth: 5 March 1962, Izmir

Occupation: Independent Business

Membership Approval: 2005

Ahmet Ozbelge was born in 1962 in Izmir. Following his education at Galatasaray High School, Mr. Ozbelge graduated from Department of International Affairs of Istanbul University. He is a Council Board Member of Galatasaray Sports Club and a Permanent Member of TJK since 2005. Mr. Ozbelge owns a customs brokerage and logistics company and a breeder for many years. Fluent in English and French, Mr. Ozbelge is married and father of 2 children. Mr Özbelge was appointed as the General Secretary as per to the Executive Board’s decision at the Board meeting held on 20 March 2020.

ADİL MERT KAYA, Treasurer Member

Birth: 29 April 1978, Kocaeli

Occupation: Businessman

Membership Approval: 2014

Adil Mert Kaya was born in 1978 in İzmit – Kocaeli. He graduated from Atafen Science High School and Departmen of Economics at Uludag University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. He served in different roles in his family company Mertkaya Tourism, that he started to work during his university years and now is the President of the Executive Board. Mr. Kaya is a horse owner and breeder since 1996. He is married and has 2 children. Becoming a Permanent Member in 2014, Adil Mert Kaya was elected to Executive Board as Treasurer Member on 25 February 2018.

TUĞBAN İZZET AKSOY, Executive Board Member

Birth: 31 October 1972, Istanbul

Occupation: Executive

Membership Approval : 2016

Tuğban İzzet Aksoy, who is employed as the Energy Group Coordinator of the Anadolu Group and maintains his various Executive Board Member duties, graduated from the Management and International Finance Department of the University of Oglethorpe in the USA. He began his professional career as an Assistant Expert in the Financial Affairs Directorate at Anadolu Endüstri Holding, in 1996. In December 1998 he was appointed as a Senior Broker at the Alternatifbank Treasury Department. Following 5 years in this role, Aksoy took on the role of Manager of Corporate Financing and Risk Management at the Treasury and Risk Management Department of Anadolu Endüstri Holding A.Ş., in June 2003. In April 2008 he became Assistant Coordinator at the Business Development Directorate, and since 2009 he has been working as the Anadolu Group Energy Sector Coordinator. Aksoy, who has participated in professional training and seminars in his field, is members of energy groups of TÜSİAD, TOBB and DEİK. He was awarded with order of Merit by the Georgia government and currently is the Honorary Consul of Georgia in Istanbul. Aksoy speaks English and German to a good level, and is married, and the father of two children. He is interested in horses since his childhood as his father was an owner and breeder. Mr. Aksoy became an owner in 2007 and conducts his breeding operations in his own farm, Topaz Stud. He was elected as Executive Board Member of the Jockey Club of Turkey on 25 February 2018.

YÜKSEL GÖKTÜRK, Executive Board Member

Birth: 15 September 1955, Sivas

Occupation: Businessman/Industrialist

Membership Approval: 2014

Yuksel Gokturk was born in 1955 in Sivas and moved to Istanbul in the same year. He graduated from Department of Mathematics of Marmara University. He has been actively conducting his business in iron steel industry since 1976 and is the owner of two prestigious corporations “Yukselen Celik and Gokturkler ”. He is also the owner of Sky Fair Organization. Mr. Gokturk served as Congressman and Chairman of ITO Iron Steel Committee as the representative of iron steel industry. Serving as an expert between 1982 – 2003 at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Committee , Mr. Gokturk is a Congress Member at the Fenerbahce Sports Club. He is married and has 2 children. He was elected as Executive Board Member on 25 February 2018.

SADETTİN ATIĞ, Executive Board Member

Birth: 14 December 1955, İstanbul

Occupation: Import/Export

Membership Approval: 1984

Sadettin Atig was born in 1955, in Istanbul. As he completed Isik High School, Mr. Atig moved to UK. He graduated from Department of Agricultural Zoology at Leeds University. He started his racing, riding, farming and breeding activities following his return to Turkey. Mr. Atig became a Permanent Member and served in many roles such as Technical Counselor at the Board of High Stewards, Executive Board Member and General Secretary of the Jockey Club of Turkey. He is the founder of Azerbaijan and Bulgaria Jockey Clubs. Mr. Atig is fluent in English and Russian.

HAKAN YÜCETÜRK, Executive Board Member

Birth: 26 June 1968, Istanbul


Membership Approval: 2003

Hakan Yuceturk’s business life in textile and garment sectors began as he was studying at the Business Management Department of Anadolu University, following his high school education in Istanbul. Mr. Yuceturk maintains his racing and breeding activities in Turkey and abroad since 1988. He served as an Executive Board Member of Turkish Racehorse Owners and Breeders Association for a term. Mr Yuceturk was an Executive Board Member of the Jockey Club of Turkey between 2011 – 2012. He is also a Council Member of Besiktas Gymnastics Club. Fluent in Spanish and English, Mr Yuceturk was re-elected as a Member to the Executive Board at the Annual General Assembly on 25 February 2018.